Risk Management Plan

Enlaza Mexico is an initiative born in 2000, that aids the isolated indigenous communities that are severely affected by many dangerous events in the states of Puebla, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz and Chiapas in Mexico.

This program links more than 650 communities through a solidarity network, radio equipment operated by trained local leaders as promoters in risk and diastser prevention strategies who promote the reduction of potential risks, favoring the attention of various groups in cases of urgency and emergencies at the communities, promoting the environmental care and awareness to the consequences of climate change.

This Risk and Management Plan is perceived as a highly replicable model of care, as it: builds citizenship; empowers local leaders; respect customs; links various communities; organizes brigades to address the potential hazards caused by the forces of nature; provides food security in case of disaster; fosters the commercial trade without the abuse of intermediaries; forms social fabric through groups and cooperatives that favor the different processes of economic and productive development; helps in the reports of robberies and assaults as well for deforestation; generates capital stock by involving local authorities, institutions suppliers of services, national and international civil organizations. 

Therefore, Enlaza Mexico has become a successful program and it has been recognized with several awards since its creation.

Over 650 communities are already linked to the radio solidarity networks, coordinated by promoters in risk and disaster prevention, who promote various measures to mitigate damage caused by destructive events in marginalized populations, localized in mountainous regions of difficult access.

The communities where Enlaza Mexico program is developed are continuously affected by disruptive and destructive phenomena. Thanks to the radio equipment and the risk prevention workshops given, people in isolated locations are ready to deal with disasters and risks such as as forest fires, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, medical emergencies, and accidents.  

The Risk Management Plan can be summarized into the following stages: 


Forming partnerships with various actors of civil society, we will communicate to millions of Mexican brothers and sisters, who want to tell us in case of emergencies:

Here I am.. I exist!

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